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What is Yerba Mate?

Yerba mate is a natural energizing beverage from South America that have been consumed by the Guaraní people for hundreds of years. They called yerba mate the drink of the gods due to its uplifting and recovering powers. Today yerba mate is consumed by people who want to enhance their performance and focus in a natural way.

A beverage with history

The traditional way to drink yerba mate is through a cup with straw (bombilla) and thermos. The straw has a filter below that prevents the leaves from being sipped. When the water in the cup is empty you refill the cup with hot water from the thermos. However, you can consume yerba mate in the same way as normal tea.

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Our Vision

The Hills represent an urban lifestyle within sports and culture. We offer yerba matebeverages that in a natural way enhance the performance and recovery. Our mission is to contribute to wellbeing and a sustainable lifestyle.

Sander Svendsen

"Yerba mate is not similar to any other beverage i've tried before. I drink it on a daily basis, before practices and games. It helps me to stay focused and run much longer."

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